Come Dine with the Pig in Rio de Janeiro

It is only in Rio de Janeiro that a Pig would invite you to dinner. This pig is a real oinker.

Rio de Janeiro
At the restaurant O Porcäo (the Pig) you will be fed like a pig, huge portions of delicious freshly grilled meats of all kinds. The business idea is fun and simple. As long as there is room for more, you will be served. By flipping the “feed me card” from Red to Green you can decide when you want more to eat. The Red sign tells the waitors to step away from the table and wait untill you are ready for more. This a great Churrascaria serving great brasilian comfort food.

Remember you will be served a lot. And we mean A lot! The parade of giant skewers is almost endless, beef, pork chicken, loins and ribeyes – as long as you like. It pays off to browse the selection and wait for your favourite meat to arrive. If there is a pork heading your way and your are looking for juicy beef, just flip the red side up on your Feed me Card and they pass without serving.

A large selections of carbs and veggies are served on a fresh buffett, everythign from rices dishes to pastas and potatoes in all shapes and formes. The range of salads and greens is great and you will find blended sallads and slowes.  To this, add hot and cold sauces and we are just getting started.

It is recommended to make reservations in advance, even though it is a fairly large restaurant. It is extremely populare by locals and tourists and it is money well spent.

O PorcaoTake a look at the homepage (portuguese)

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