Thousand Islands Cruise in Stockholm’s archipelago

Why not do something exotic while in Stockholm? The archipelago is one of its kind in the world and this 12 hours cruise is fantastic.


Prepare yourself for an early wake up call, the cruise leaves bright and early and of you want a good seat you have to be in line early. We took the last cruise for the season wich was in the beginning of september and we were very lucky with a great pre spring heat wave. The boat left the city center of Stockholm and slowly took us out of the city, passing the wonderul houses and buildings on Djurgården, Nacka and Lidingö. We hade booked our cruise including lunch and a two course dinner.


We were very lucky with the weather and the sun was quit hot even if it was just 8 o’clock in the morning when we had come a bit out from Stockholm. During the cruise a guide informed us about the things we passed, it could be old houses, forts or just interesting things about the archipelago. Due to a hot summer, the water level was a bit lower than normal which made the captain to pick a different rooute than normal. We wouldn’t cross as south as planned. The first stopp was at Nämdö and we had about 45 minutes here to walkt aroung in the beautiful nature.


skargard12Our guide told us a bit about the life in the archipelago, how hard it can be with transportation, getting your kids to school or just to do some grossery shopping.


skargard8When the summer is good in Sweden it is fantastic! The colours are strong and vibrant, everything is green and lush and there is a relaxed atmosphere to it. And it will never get completely dark. The sun is almost visible all day and all night. When leaving the first stopp, lunch was being served in the main diningroom, a taste of Sweden and the archipelago.


skargard5A traditional swedish Smorgasbord with all the typical swedish we eat. Different kinds of herring, smoked and baked salmon, potatoe sallad, green sallads, cold cuts and much more. There were even a buffet och schnaps.


As we enjoyed our lunch the Waxholm III took us towards our next stop that would be the small island of Bullerö. On this island some of the world famous swedish paintors lived and made their art. Getting closer to this island the archipelago is reslly changing from lush green island to rocky and barren islands, the wind is stronger here too.


When we got on the island the most traditional of houses were spotted, the red wooden houses with the white corners. The blue and yellow flag was contrasting nicely with the green grass and trees. We took a walk on the rocky island to a part where we were al alone, here we changed in to our bathing suites and went for a swim. It was very cold. One trip did the trick for us.


Just spectacular views of the islands.

skargard11After about an hours we went back to the ship and sailed for another hour to get to the last island in the archipelago, Sandhamn. We had another one hour stop here and we went for icecream and strolled in the harbour looking att all the boats. If it is your first time here, we suggest you to ta a longer walk around the island and see the very characteristic from this island, the sand that covers it, its pine woods, the small wooden houses.

Omn the way back we had our dinner, first a cocktail was served and after that a two course dinner containing both seafood and meet. A very good way to round up a wonderful day at sea. This is a 12 hours cruise and it is not suitable for small children.

Read more about this cruise at Stromma :


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