Take better holiday photos

Kicki is one of Swedens most celebrated wedding photographers and Resesidan.se asked her how to take better holiday photos. This is her four tips.

Resesidan tipsar Ta Bättre semesterbilder

1. Try to avoid shooting in to direct sunlight, the regular cameras can’t  deal with that as good as a pro camera. Use the built in flash to help with the sunlight, experiment and go crazy, if you take a bad pic just delete it.
Resesidan.se tipsar Ta Bättre semesterbilder
2. Insted of trying to get all in to one picture, pick a small detail of interest. Try to take photos of details telling a story like food, nature, a detail from a house etc.
Resesidan.se tipsar Ta Bättre semesterbilder
3. If you are on vacation in a city, try to get a picture from a hight, at night time from a terrace or small hill side. Maybe you are staying in a hotel with a balcony, use it for a great pic. Photos taken in a street view never let the viewer experience the city the way you want them to.
Resesidan.se tipsar Ta Bättre semesterbilder
4. Bring your camera out at night, catch the buzzling nightlife. Take pictures of friends and locals, ask their permission nicely with a smile. They will say Yes to you! And get close, much closer than you though you could.
Good Luckl!
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