Woodland Cemetery, A Unesco Heritage

Skogskyrkogården in Stockholm is one of many spectacualre places on the Unesco World Heritage list. This Woodland Cemetery is unique and one of its kind.

The Woodland Cemetery has more than 100.000 graves and was constructed between 1917-1940. The idea was to create womething new, a place where nature and architecture woould work together in harmony. Today, Skogskyrkogården is considered one of the most important creations of modern architecture, and is even inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Some of the best artist and architects in Sweden have been involved in creating this special place.


In 1940 the Woodland Cemetery was opened for the first time and the crematorium and the three chapels were in the world focus. Skogskyrkogården’s chapels and other buildings are associated with different eras and are therefore unique in their own particular ways. The architecture and artistic decoration are alive with symbolism in their shapes and many details.

Is is something magic about this place, I guess the combination of nature and the beautiful architecture set its tone. The place is tranquille, comforting and thought through. The paths from the chapels are nicely created taking nature and buildings in to cincideration. It is a lovely place for a quiet walk.


One of the more interesting chapel is the Woodland Chapel and its Golden  statue Angel of Death by Carl Milles. Close to the chapel is one of the most famous graves, the one of Superstar Greta Garbo.

Garbo kapell

Summertime one can take a guided tour here and there is a Visitors Center open, for more information click here >


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