6 great things for the beach

Finally, all the gadgets you need (or not) for the beach. Many of the things you probably didn’t know  existed.


Tthis great thins is TanSafe storage can and it looks as asun screen holder. This will fit both money, telephone and home keys.(Firebox.com)

SandoffWe all have a problem with dragging unnecessary sand home again, sometimes the car is full of fine sand. This cloth easily removes all sand, even the most annoying.(bedbathandbeyond.com)


Rio Quick ShipBeach Tent – gives you a nice shade when needed (walmart.com)

stolThe most perfect beach chair. Built in cooler and it folds down to a back pack. (tommybahama.com)

högtalareECO Extreme speakers. water and sand proof. There is even room for keys and money inside. (gracedigitalaudio.com)

coolerYou can never have too many cold drinks. This, easy to roll, cooler keeps both your drink and food cold.


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