A hidden monastary in Sintra, Portugal

Of the many different constructions in the world, for any reason, many are in Portugal. The sweet Lille Monastary de Capucho outside Sintra is one of the most outlandish places I have visited.

In Sintra, just outside of Lisbon, this strange monastery is hidden in the woodlands. Founded 1560, under King Sebastian IIs administration. Built to pay tribute to the Holy Cross after a dream that Joao de Castro had when he was hunting in the area and went astray. He received a revelation that this was the place that he would have a holy building erected.

During 1600-s  the monastery was embellished of various artists, azulejos (tiles) was set up, murals was made.

The small rooms in the monastery is covered with cork-oak for good isolation. The small monk cells have door openings which are barely 1 meters high, and barely two square meter big.
Unfortunately  was many  valuable objects stolen from the monastery during the latter 1990s and the monastery was closed for renovation. Now it is open again to the public and is well worth a visit.



Pictures frpm the chapell and the entrance.


Inside the monastary

The hard benches in the cells

korkklosterThe small munk cells, note the kork round the door frames


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