Barhopping in hip Sodermalm, Stockholm

As in many other major cities there is a SOFO, antiques area, shopping and a place for the night scene. In Stockholm you should go to Sodermalm.

GondolenEriks Gondolen

From Gamla stan (Old town) it is a few bridges connecting to Sodermalm.  At this junction of public transportation is Erik’s Gondolen. One of few bars in Stockholm vi a hight and a view. This bar has been a populare hang out for years and is more classic both do dekor and drinks. Serving some swedish traditional drinks as Geting, Gröna hissen and some more international classic drinks as Cosmopolitans and Margaritas.


Just a stone throw away is our next stop; Bauer. This is a trendy bar serving more innovative cocktails and drinks. Bauer is also famous for its wonderful sushi. Weekends this place is packed with people. After a gorgeous drink it is time to move on, it is time for blod and fangs.

vampire1Vampire lounge

It can be a bit tricky finding this bar, The Vampire Lounge has an discreet sign to its entrance, not big, and you really need to keep your eyes open to find it. This bar has won several prices and one if for best bar in Stockholm, other for most creative drinks. No where else in this capitol will you get a drink mixed with black pepper and boison berry. And by the way, be aware of the skeletons hidden in the restrooms.

From the underground scene, let’s move on to the sky. On Götgatan is Och Himlen Därtill (Heaven and above, badly translated) a skybar with a perfect view over all of Stockholm.  This is quite a large bar and there is a nice restaurant next to it.

OchhimlenOch Himlen Därtill

This bar is located on top of what used to be the HQ for the Swedish IRA. Today the building is converted in to small flats for students. But on top is this magnificant bar. DJ playing music, bartenders shaking drinks, people danncing and enjoying the views.

Very close to this bar is one of the city’s oldest restaurant, started in 1733. Pelikan is a traditional swedish eatary werving meatballs, pigs legs, classic stakes and more. The high ceilings makes the beer garden a bit noicy.

At the very end of Götgatan, in the corner with Ringvagen is Clarion Hotel Stockholm. This hotel opened in 2004 and was a big hit right away. The bar Upstairs is still a populare bar to visit.

Upstairs, Clarion StockholmUpstairs Bar, Clarion Hotel Stockohlm

This “floating” hotel is built on pillars keeping the hotel aflow, the commuter trains, subway and driveways to Stockholm city all passes under the hotel and Upstairs bar. This bar presents modern twists of old classics, luxury drinks with gold leaf, innovative new flavour drinks and more. It is also one of few bars in Sodermalm being open late, 3 AM on saturdays.


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