Chicago, A small Big city

Tired of New york and L.A? Try Chicago, this beautiful city is as dramatic as New York, not as spread as L.A and has a beach in the middle of the city.


During the 30’s Chicago and New York competed with each other to have the most and largest skyscrapers in the country. Both the old and the new part of Chicago and is lined by tall and beautiful buildings. Latest addition is Trump Tower. With its 352 meters and 92 floors is the second highest building in Chicago. Tallest is still Willies Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower. Trump Tower is a hotel- and congres center with  restaurants and bars. They have a very populare terrace.

Trump Tower, Chicago. Photo: Solarwind

One of Chicago’s advantages is all the fantastic buildings and architecture in the city. On both sides of Chicago River you will find many spectacular skyscrapers and buildings. Enjoy one of many boat rides along the river and see the buildings and the architectures. Architechtural Tour departs once every hour during high season. There is a lot of history to be told here. Al Capone’s famous tower, containing his office, and it is said, even his car was brought up in to the tower.  Quite a few of the buildings in Chicago still has marks from the Gangster period, as bullet holes in to the walls. There is also a guided Gangster tour.

Marina City

Willis Tower features even a daring thrill, plexiglass boxes hanging out of the facade. That is a view! Just the feeling being outside of the main building and a glass floor keeping you safe and “inside”. In Hancock Building there is a top bar and restaurant serving nice meals and drinks.  It is a populare hangout in Chicago, especially when the sun sets.

pizza Chicago is also know for its deep dish pizza! The city has long been known for the good food and the large variety of restaurants. Even today chicago has a good reputation of serving good food in new exciting concept. The Deep Dish pizza can only be found here, it is more like a pie than a pizza. A thick crust, all ingredients tossed in and covered by cheese.  It is not for everybody… But Chicago has soo many good restaurants, there is something for everyone. There are a lot of the older restaurants, almost like an institution, still good but dusty. Mix the old with the new and one of our favourites is Texas de Brazil. This is an “All you can eat, meat” kind of place. As long as you keep the Green side of your dining card visible, you will be served meats. Need to break the intake? Just flip the Red sid up.

Order a bottle of wine and see how the waitor bungy jumps for your bottle.

vinkypareFlying in a wine cellar

It is a bit och a spectacle, but fun to watch. The food is of highest quality but remeber to stay away from all the hundreds of side orders, they will fill you up.

Seafood and fish, Asian restaurants, American comfort food, huge potioner, high music – all this and more in the  Chicago restaurant scene. Looking for Jazz? You’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of music clubs in Chicago. Another populare place to go to is The Ralph Lauren Restaurant. It is  crowded, cramped and lots of people. This is the place to be seen. Reservation is a must.

ralphRalph Lauren Restaurant

Shopping is, of course, a big part of a visit to Chicago. The possibilities to shop seems endless. Chicaago has made shopping easy, one straight street – A mile long,  The Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue) from Lake Michigan to the  Millenium Park. From New town in to Old town. The Mile has all that you are looking for, Tiffany, Louis Vuiton, Banana Republic, Sachs, Neiman Marcus, H&M, Express, Abercrombie & Fitch and Holister.  Prices, compared to Europe is about 30-40% cheaper.

MICHIGAN-AVE1Michigan Avenu

 Water Tower Place is one of the mosts populare shopping malls in this area. 6 floors of shopping and close to Hancock Building and Cheese Cake factory.  Down Town shopping in the older area is a bit limited, you will find more of office buildings, banks, theaters and restaurants here.

Next stop is Hte Millenium Park. Here you will find the famous fountain from TV series “Married with children”. You will even find the Art institute of Chicago. The best art museum in the US? Don’t rush it through, you need your time in here. It is a lovely museum, airy and bright.  Grant Woods painting American Gothic, is on display.

American Cothic

The city has a variety of interesting museum. This is everything from technology and aquarium to Indian exhibitions, political museum and design.  By taking a Hop on  Hop off tour, you can reach many of the city’s museums and at the same time,learn a little about the city. Many visitors wants to visit the famous Wrigley Fields – one of the country’s oldest baseball tracks, home of the Chicago cubs. This classic arena was built in 1914 and can take approximately visitors.

Chicago also has a large LGBT-scene and a whole town area called Boys Town. Boys Town is busy with gay bars, restaurants, shops, clubs and gym. Chicago pride is a very large event that attracts visitors from all over the world. Chicago also has many music and culture festivals. The hot summers are well suited for outdoor events. Lake Michigan is just one block away from down town for a day at the beach. Spring and Summer is the best time to come here, winters are sometimes terrible. Really cold with icy winds.

Chicago is a very pleasent, clean and friendly city to visit. We’ll be back shortly for another exciting stay.


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