Delicious pastries from Portugal.

Pastel de nata, made from cream, sugar and eggs. A portugis classic.

The Butter dough is filled with cream and baked brown and fine. There is nothing more enjoyable than a new baked pastel and a cup of hot espresso. In Portugal they drink as much coffee as we do in Sweden and Scandinavia ande the coffeehouses have showcases full of delicious pastries .

The Portuguese starting the day with a good cup of coffee, either at home or on the go on the way to the job. A Garotto, epsresso, to kick-start your day and something sweet to it. If you have the time take a Chinesa, a coffee with milk. Uma Chinesa is more dialektalt for coffee on Madeira than on the mainland. Where they drink coffee with milk, caffe con Leite.

In the afternoon you can take a small glass madeira or port together with the coffee.


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