Rent a holiday villa or apartment

Renting a villa or an apartment has become more populare than a stay at a regular hotel. Here are some nice options for you.


Villa in Barbados

This villa with four bedrooms and three bathrooms is located in Mullins Bay on the west coast of Barbados. it has room for seven people, has its own swimming pool, wifi, safe, air conditioning, and close to the beach. $500 per night, and the price is lowered if you book more nights  Read more »

Orchid HouseOrchid House, South Beach, Florida

This spectacular house is designed by Wallace Tutt, and built in 1931, the same designer who did Casa Casaurina, the Villa where Versace lived previously (see article on the villa here).  This house is located in a good area and is close to almost everything and at the same time it has its privacy and is almost hidden. The Villa offers 7 bedrooms, all with air conditioning. There is a swimming pool, indoor spa, TV room, ice maker, built-in surround sound, home cinema, butler service, patio to eat and settle, wifi mm. The price for this villa is between 3800-5900 dollars per night.

Hercules EstateHercules Estate

This stunning villa is located in the Hollywood Hills and from here you have a wonderful view over Los Angeles. The House is over 550 square meters and has three bedrooms, six bathrooms,’s outdoor patio with fireplace, barbecue facilities, a private swimming pool. Panorama window from the living room slides open and becomes one living space with the outdoor terraces. In addition gym, alarm, air conditioning, private movie theater, there is everything you would expect of a luxury villa . 2750 dollars per night.

Villa Kashba

Villa Kasbah, Cape Town, Soth Africa

This comfortable villa has space for 8-10 persons in four double rooms, all with private bathrooms. The living room opens onto the terrace where the salt-water pool is. the Villa offers stunning views of Cape Town! All modern technology is available in the villa, a large kitchen and a dining room for 12 people. From $2,600 per week up to $5,300.

Quita VerdeQuinta Verde, Algarve, Portugal

Villa Iris, is a modern villa and has room for 8 people, private garden and swimming pool. The house is situated in the area Quinta Verde, close to shopping and the  many golf courses in Algarve. The villa has cable TV, air conditioning, barbecue, patio and terrace.

Weekly rates: 2,500 – 4,750 euros.

Coral CastleCoral Castle, Amalfi coast, Italy

1800-century building, decorated as a museum, this house has four floors and a private spa, which is located on the first floor. Among other things,its own garden with orange and lime trees whose fruits are used for homemade marmalade, and is being served for breakfast. The Spa is advanced and has many different treatments to offer, there is also an indoor swimming pool. The Penthouse is on the top floor and the rent includes a private chef and two butlers for service. 2860 dollars per night.

3 bedroom with n-suite bathroom, flat-screen TV, and air conditioning. Views of the volcano and the Aegean Sea. The House is modernly decorated, super sleek and comfortable.  A bigt errace with a jacuzzi and place to sunbathe and eat good meals. A cool living room and a modern kitchen is available. On the roof is a further terrace with comfortable chairs and place for relaxation. Price from 300 euros per night up to EUR 1200, during the high season.


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