Some spectacular roof bars in the world

Roof bars tend to be fun to visit. And there is a lot of great bars, some incredibly high, other with wonderful views.

aerbarIn South Mumbai on 34th floor, tou’ll find Bar Aer. On the roof of the Four Seasons Hotel, in one of Mumbai’s largest bank areas. Here you can enjoy champagne cocktails and a custom variant of pizza, Chicken Tikka pizza. Happy Sunset Hour provides discounts on drinks and a DJ plays relaxed Housemusik.Read more »


Above 6
At Hotel Thompson in New York, you’ll find the bar “Above 6 “.  The bar is located near Columbus Circle, and is one of the many roof bars that hotel chain have. In addition, the view is great and there is an open fire, for those chilly evenings, Blue Ribbon sushi for the hungry visitors, and a sliding roof to accomodate guests no matter what weather. Unlike many other roof bars belonging to hotel chain, this one is open to the public, but we need to make reservations Read more »


In Hong Kong there is this cool bar with the name Ozone, 118 floors up in Ritz Carlton Hotel, in a shopping-office area in west Kowloon. The views are spectacular over the lower skyscrapers in the area. Read more »


You must go up to 63 th floor of the Hotel Le BUA in Bangkok to find Sky Bar. Sky Bar is also the world’s largest outdoor restaurant. Views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River is fantastic. It was also from Sky Bar  scenes from the movie Hangover II was filmed. Read More »


Luna Roof top bar, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. From this bar one has fantastic views of the city historic area and its neoclassical church, created by the self-taught architect, Zeferino Gutierrez. Enjoy chilled drinks and small good tapas. Read More »

Bar Panoramique in Chamonix. Summer open from mid-June to mid-September, with Mont Blanc and beautiful backgrounds. Everyday you will get good, well-prepared food, good wines, cheeses from the area and fine pasta dishes. Popular to visit after a day of hiking in the area.



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