Weekend i Lissabon


The Swedish booking site has been to one of our favorite cities, Lisbon, for a weekend. This is what they experienced.


To get a short break from everyday life is gold worth. For me, a weekend getaway is the best break and something I can long to and remember after . It is a great feeling to stroll around in a new city without any actual plans but just check out the people, eat well and relax. My last weekend was at the beginning of June, when I and my partner went to Lisbon.

Our plan for the trip was to sit at sidewalk cafes, eat ice cream and perhaps take a day in any of the resorts which is located just outside of Lisbon. It was June and that it very rarely rains in Lisbon during the summer months, apparently the weather gods had missed it during our visit. When wew arrived it was cold and grey but no rain. Yet. Something that changed just until we had purchased admission tickets to Castelo Sao Jorge Castle, the castle that is Lisbon’s oldest building and which is located  at the top of the old Alfama district, with great views of the city. On the way up over the castle courtyard, the sky opened and the rain poured down. The heavy rain clouds covered the city and blocked all views.

So what do you do in Lisbon when it rains? Well, we eat cheese and drink port wine which is the country’s specialty.We found a cozy little wine bar just below the castle called Claras em Castelo, where we sought protection for the rain.


We were lucky, it didn’t  rain all the time and last day the sun came through. Ice-cream and dining al fresco, checked, but it ws never warm enough for a beach visit. But in spite of the fact that Lisbon, weather syle was not from its best side I still want to say that it is a perfect weekend city. It is one of Europe’s cheapest capitals and perfect to just stroll around the narrow, cozy streets. The food is great and there are many cozy cafes and out door eateries. If you also get sun shine and warmth, the seaside resorts of Estoril and Cascais only 30 min away by train or bus.

Get around:

It is easy to travel by public transportation. Tickets can be bought from vending machines at the stations or in a news paper stand. A Singel trip is $1,40. The tickets are valid on busses, metros and trams.

Lisbon is very hilly and steep, you can take the tram #28,if you don’t want to walk the hills, the old trams are classic in Lisbon and run up and down the steep and narrow slopes of the old parts of Lisbon.


Lisbon is Europe’s San Francisco  Good shoes are not only to recommend it is a must. Add to that all streets consists of cobbled streets which, after a little rain will be slippery. Flip-flop is then no-no if you thought you walk around the town.


  • Cantinho Lusitno – This small, cozy family-style restaurant, where the husband and wife cooks and serves the home made food, has only room for 20 guests, is a real gem. On the menu is Portuguese tapas. We hadmore than enough for us to eat and shared a bottle of wine for about EUR 40, for two people.
  • The Decadente Restaurang och Bar – Got tip about this restaurant from three independent persons before the journey. Expectations were high, and they could deliver. Cool restaurant, with both good food and prices. if you do not want to eat a full dinner, you can hang out in the bar, where there often are live music and good drinks



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