Travel to Cattolica, Italy – Adriatic Riviera

Along the Italian east coast there are many holiday resorts. Some more known, such as Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica. Come see Cattolica!

cattolicaThe beach in Cattolica

Cattolica is a small sweet holiday village just south of Rimini. The city is located in Emilia Romagna which is considered to be one of the country’s main food areas.

From this regions origin the bolognese sauce from Bologna and the prosciutto from Parma. The area is an important agricultural part of Italy and large quantities of cereals and maize is cultivated. Cattolica is located along the Italian Riviera and  the larger cities Riccione and Rimini is north of Cattolica.This is a small town and everything is in a walking distance. There are plenty of hotels  and the beach can sometimes be perceived as a over crowded of sun loungers and tourists. In Cattolica the majority of tourists are italians and in August there is not a single room available and the beach is jamed with larger familys spending the days at the beach.

cattolica-ce4ca8d2c64f99f933eb97a371880b25Fontänen mitt i standen

When in Rome… The italians wake up early, grabbing an espresso coffee and a croissant on the go to the beach. Every hotel has its designated beach area, well maintained by a cabana boy. You can rent sunbeds, umbrellas and there are sowers and bathrooms by the beach.  The beach is spotless when it comes to trasch, cigarette buds and others. The cabana boys are raking the beach several times a day.

At noon the beach is emptied, like a gigant movement everyone is headed back to their hotels for a nice and long lunch. If you get to the beach from 12-4PM they look empty! Some of the stores might close for siesta as well. The italian toursts will be back by 5PM andf stay till late, bringing more foods and drinks to the beach.

cattolica_2-904fe6a0bdadfae1bfb5fba88fdde827Street in Cattolica

Cattolica is a nice little town with a few streets inside the city center, everything is close and it has a vibrant urban core to it. The night life is slow, if any. People gather round the big square, eating gelati, walking in a slow pace looking at eachother, having a drink at a café. In the neighbouring area are large discos for up to 6000 guests. The disos open at midnight and closes at sunrise again.

3_Italian-PizzaItaliensk pizza

Food is a large part of a good holiday (at least we think so) and the Italian cuisine is the world’s most popular kitchen. In Italy they won’t serve you a pizza with a thousands toppings. Normally there is only one, mushrooms, parma ham or a sausage. When ordering steak, don’t forgett to order any sides as they seldom are included. Pasta is a dish eaten between the starter and the main.


San_Marino-wallpaper-660x330San Marino

Cattolica is located quite close to San Marino, a paradise for all those who like to shop. In 1631  San Marino became a own state, before that it was governed by others by the Pope.  Surrounded by Italy in the Apenines, San Marino lays Majestically. Be prepared for it is full with visitors here, and it is crowded but cozy. You will find almost anything for sale here. Clothes, shoes, sunglasses, leather goods, olive oils, olive soaps, pottery and more locally produced items.

The Adriatic Riviera has something for everybody, there are small basic hotels and guest houses to expensiv and luxury boutique hotels, restaurants with a view and a beach that never ends. And your are close to visist any of the Italian sights and cities that are nearby, trains are quite cheap and can bring you out on new adventures.

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